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Quality leads or efective sales are always our main goal so it's only fair you pay by lead or sale we generate.
Digital Strategy

Our Models

E-commerce Sales Generation (CPS)

We generate sales for your online store. We'll setup a top class marketing strategy in order to meet all your needs. You only pay for valid sales.

User Acquisition (CPA)

We can work on user acquisition model, most used for example for products of services subscriptions. This tends to be more

Leads Generation (CPL)

We generate Hot Leads, potencial clients interested on your service / products. You'll Pay only per qualified valid lead.

Mobile App Install (CPI)

It is an extremely common way to increase your mobile users, driven through app install campaigns, refers to media programs where the advertiser pays for every installed app.

Traffic Generation (CPC)

Qualified traffic generation through a large variety of channels, including Email, Display, Content, Native, Push Notification and many more

Awareness (CPM)

We work with CPM on several channels in order to impact a maximum of targetted audience according to your KPI. We can target either B2C or B2B users

Years in Business

Countries Activated

Monthly Campaigns

Monthly Hot Leads

Why are we different?

We’re a Performance Marketing Agency, part of Adstrategy Group for +8 years, put together by professionals with +10 years experience.

Since 2014 we have activated +10,000 digital campaigns in +100 countries on 5 continents.

Our main goal is to achieve top ROI for our Clients & Media Partners!

  • Results orientated
  • ROI focused team
  • Specialist Senior team
  • Premium Verified Partners
  • All GDPR Legal Databases
  • Creative and Transparent team
  • Peace of mind for the client